The Mirror Effect

The Mirror Effect

“The Mirror Effect” they call it… when an expecting mother is floating in a womb like space while her baby is floating inside of her within the womb.


This is a phenomenon many pregnant women experience whilst floating in the float tanks. Many report that they are able to connect more with their child… not just on a physical level, but on a spiritual and psychological level as well.


The float tank has tremendous benefits in regards to relieving the many physical and emotional stressors of being pregnant. All of which include (but are not limited to):


  • Pain Relief (especially from back pain)
  • Better Sleep
  • Natural re – alignment
  • Stress Relief
  • Meditation
  • An environment for Mom & Baby to rest


While in the float tank, the baby experiences the ease of ‘zero gravity’ just as much as mama does. Therefore, the baby is less likely to be restless during this time of REST for mama because they don’t feel the need to move around and re-adjust. This environment not only relieves the body of the physical wait of gravity/stress, but it also aids in boosting immunity and increasing circulation of blood and oxygen; resulting in a peaceful atmosphere for mama to reap the full benefits and proceed with a healthy pregnancy.


Being pregnant, as many of us know, is more than a physical journey, it’s a mental transformation as well. The float tanks offer the perfect environment for reflection, peace, and quiet. This offers the mother-to-be the perfect space to process her transformation into becoming a mother! Floating will also prepare the mother for labor in a lot of ways: visualization, meditation, breathing, and deep relaxation of the body leading up to labor. The amount of body, mind, and spirit awareness that is gained within the float tank is something to be experienced.

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